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This is a profile photo of Ritesh Verma in the "About" section of Ritesh Verma's personal website showcasing his SAT tutoring and Bot Development services.

Ritesh Verma

My name is Ritesh Verma and I am a student at the University of Maryland, College Park. With this website I hope to showcase my versatile nature and developments in fields/industries that I am involved in. As a computer science major, I love tech and creating programs to facilitate mundane tasks and make lives easier. I also aspire to educate those who follow me via YouTube, Skillshare, or other social media platforms. I have been a tutor for SAT, computer science, math, etc. for the last 3 years and have been able to help a multitude of students further their skills in their respective academic subject. To learn more about me, be sure to check out my resume!

Something Cool

This image features Ritesh Verma looking at himself on Times Square. This was a cumulation of his work in the SAT and bot development industry. His online SAT tutoring and bot developer jobs got him a lot of recognition.

My SAT Course was featured on One Times Square (see video here)! This was a very cool moment that was only made possible thanks to the continuous effort I put into my YouTube channel as well as the immense support I have received from my subscribers! The OTS feature was also the cumulation of my progress in both the SAT community and bot development industry, which this website reflects throughout its pages. Be sure to check the video out for the full experience!

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